Best Balance Bike for Growing Kids


In the previous post, I have talked about the role of balance bike through nice infographic. Now in this post, I’ll show you how to find best suit balance bike for your child, hope this is useful for you. There are different things to consider when choosing the best balance bike. You need to pay attention to the materials used in its production and a lot of other factors that define the quality of a bike you would like to purchase. Choosing quality balance bike, you need to pay attention to handle grips that are supposed to move toward and away from a person. In most cases, a stem and handle grips are welded together and this opportunity is lost.

A solid construction for children of all ages

Additionally, some parents are looking for a bike that could have the ability to be raised so that a child could adjust the sizes of a bike at any age. At the same time, you should not choose bikes that have the handlebar secured with a clamp as the construction is not that reliable and a bolt can strip. That is why it makes sense to look for a bike with the wedge method that is realized in expansion with the help of a two-piece wedge and a head tube. Another thing to consider is comfort which means a lot and should not be underestimated.

The importance of a good seat

According to online reviews of experienced riders, a good seat will provide you with an opportunity to have more than one point of attachments (Such as Strider 12 Sport model, you can find out about this product here). Those seats that have a single attachment point will not let you ride a lot and can be rather stressful for your child.

A good seat is one of the features of the best bikes.
A good seat will provide you with an opportunity to have more than one point of attachments.

As a result, a quality bike will have multiple attachment points that can be achieved not only by adjusting the height of the seat but its angle as well. Besides, quality bikes are generally equipped with a seat clamp that can let you raise or lower the seat without using any tools.

Adjustability and Tires

It is one of the reasons why you need to check the adjust-ability of the bike you would like to purchase as you will understand how it could grow with your child. Those parents that want to buy a real quality bike will pay attention to the wheels that can be represented by spoke or plastic mag-type ones. Considering tires, you can choose foam or inner tube ones but your choice should depend on the area you are living in. If the roads are in a perfect condition, you can consider foam tires but if not, it is better to buy a bike with inner tube tire wheels as most bikers think that they provide the needed bouncing when you decide to jump from the pavement.

Weight Capacity

But, the greatest benefit of foam tires is that you do not need to pump them, every time they are flat. Regarding the drawbacks of form tires, they can be easily worn out if the road topping in your area is not that smooth. Weight plays a crucial role when choosing a balance bike as it needs to be lightweight and sturdy. At the same time, the weight capacity of it needs to be as high as possible. As a result there are bikes of 6 or 7 lbs but could support riders that weigh over 80.

Taking all the factors into account, you will manage to choose the best balance bike you need.


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